OneTrust processed 10,000 GDPR requests within 2 weeks before 25 May

OneTrust this week announced it has handle more than 10,000 requests within two weeks of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) go-live date of 25 May. OneTrust helps organisations automate DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) requests in five steps: Request intake; Assignment workflows; Find the data; Communicate responses; and Metrics and reporting.

OneTrust’s DSAR tool is based on privacy research and gives organisations a way to handle individual rights requests from customers, employees, partners and other data subjects under the GDPR. Recent updates to OneTrust’s DSAR tool give organisations more options to customise and automate workflows, offers built-in translations to 100+ languages and enhances reporting and metric capabilities. See here a webinar on GDPR automation.

OneTrust is one of the 5 Consent Management Platforms (CMP) Google is recommending.

“Expanded rights for data subjects are a positive step forward in GDPR, however, can be a manual and complicated obligation for organisations to handle appropriately,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “That’s why we built the OneTrust DSAR portal to automate and record the full lifecycle of data subject requests. Privacy and IT teams are now equipped with a highly scalable tool to automate processing those requests. Like all of our products, our DSAR solution is designed based on deep privacy research and a firm understanding of the requirements under GDPR and is deeply integrated with our data mapping, PIA/DPIA and other privacy management modules.”