OpenX launches OpenAudience challenging the walled gardens

OpenX launches OpenAudience challenging the walled gardens

OpenX last week launched OpenAudience, a platform that enables advertisers to plan and buy people-based marketing. OpenX says OpenAudience is powered by a proprietary data asset and supplemented by integrated partnerships with LiveRamp and Tapad.

“No exchange in the market today has enabled a unified view of publisher audiences,” said Travis Clinger, vice president of strategic initiatives, LiveRamp. “Now, OpenX is democratizing identity across all publishers on the open web, helping marketers to plan and buy audiences the way they do inside walled gardens. We are thrilled to be a key component of OpenAudience.”

With OpenAudience, OpenX is challenging Google and Facebook (the walled gardens). According to OpenX, marketers in the U.S. now spend two-thirds of all digital ad spend on the “walled gardens”, despite the fact that they receive less than 36 percent of total consumer time spent online.

For publishers, OpenX says OpenAudience will deliver user-based knowledge that empowers them to value and sell advertising.

“OpenAudience is a natural evolution of programmatic advertising, combining the unified knowledge of people-based audiences with the transactional power of programmatic to create a planning, buying and advertising experience that is unlike anything else in the market today,” said Todd Parsons, chief product officer at OpenX.

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