Performance Max Campaigns: Targeting New Customers for Business Growth

Performance Max Campaigns: Targeting New Customers for Business Growth
Performance Max

Google Ads has clarified the ability of Performance Max campaigns to acquire new customers, addressing concerns that they solely focus on remarketing. The release highlights the New Customer Acquisition goal and associated features, alongside brand exclusions, as tools for attracting new audiences.

Maximizing Value from New and Existing Customers

  • Performance Max campaigns support both new customer acquisition and engagement with existing customers.
  • Targeting existing customers can offer repeat conversions and higher average order values.

Prioritizing New Customer Acquisition

  • New Customer Acquisition Goal: Leverages data from Customer Match lists and Google Tag to identify and prioritize bidding towards new prospects.
    • Case study: Hairstory achieved a 545% increase in new customer conversions and 31% ROAS uplift.
  • Bidding Modes
    • New Customer Value (recommended): Balances acquiring new customers with engaging potential repeat customers. Delivers a 9% ROAS increase, 5% higher new customer ratio, and 7% reduced acquisition cost.
    • New Customer Acquisition with High-Value Optimization (beta): Targets high-value prospects within new customers (requires purchase goals and Customer Match segments).
    • New Customer Only: Focuses solely on acquiring new customers (suitable for specific budgets or non-purchase goals).
  • Setting Up New Customer Acquisition:
    • Requires Customer Match lists and Google Tag.
    • Select "Customer Acquisition" goal, identify customer lists, and provide estimated new customer value.
    • Consider setting up a separate Performance Max campaign for existing customers if using New Customer Only mode.
    • Watch the video for detailed instructions and calculating new customer value.

Ensuring New Customer Focus

  • Brand Exclusions: Prevent ads from appearing for your brand, competitor brands, or partner brands in Search & Shopping to isolate new customer acquisition performance.
  • Monitor reach and performance after implementing exclusions to optimize campaign effectiveness.

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