Pinterest Gets Action-Packed in New Campaign: The P is for Performance

Pinterest Gets Action-Packed in New Campaign: The P is for Performance
P is for Performance

Pinterest is taking a bold approach to showcase its growing prowess in driving results for advertisers with its new international campaign, "The P is for Performance."

Launched this week, the campaign utilizes high-octane action films and captivating characters to highlight how Pinterest ads go beyond brand awareness, delivering tangible conversions and increased traffic.

P is for Performance
P is for Performance

“Inspired by the aesthetic of iconic action movies, we wanted to tell our performance advertising story in a way only Pinterest can—with elevated style and an element of the unexpected,” said Xanthe Wells, VP of Global Creative at Pinterest. “We took a moviemaking approach and tapped exceptional talent from the film industry to craft a high-action story that breaks through the conventions of B2B marketing.”

Starring two dynamic heroines navigating perilous situations, the campaign's minimovies humorously address the needs of modern advertisers seeking a performance-based platform free from limitations. The films, directed by acclaimed commercial director Tim Godsall, emphasize the platform's ability to boost conversion rates and drive traffic.

The campaign further boasts the impressive voice of Corey Burton, known for his roles in "Star Wars" and "Once Upon a Hollywood," who introduces each minifilm with a dramatic "High Action! Lower Funnel!" announcement.

Beyond brand awareness, Pinterest has established itself as a powerful platform for driving conversions, growing traffic, and delivering measurable results. This "full-funnel" approach resonates with advertisers seeking a comprehensive solution.

"The P is for Performance" campaign showcases the platform's impressive results, highlighting up to a 28% increase in conversions and a 96% increase in traffic for advertisers utilizing its performance tools. These tools include:

  • Mobile deep links: Streamline the buying journey by directing users directly to specific product pages within your app.
  • Direct links: Eliminate friction with seamless one-click transitions to your product page, boosting action potential.
  • Pinterest API for Conversions: Gain valuable reporting insights by securely sending conversion data directly to Pinterest.
  • Shopping ads: Engage with potential customers actively seeking inspiration on the platform.

This campaign follows Pinterest's strong first-quarter performance, showcasing significant progress in becoming a major player in the performance marketing space. The percentage of revenue generated from advertisers using at least three of Pinterest's performance tools surged from 2% to 23% in 2023.

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