Programmatic 360: Automation Decoded: IAB launched a new training program for digital media buyers and sellers

IAB this month launched a new training program for digital media buyers and sellers called “Programmatic 360: Automation Decoded.” The new training program was developed by industry authorities, from companies such as LiveRamp, CBS Interactive, and Pandora. According to IAB, “the course will provide detailed insights into the processes, tools, and strategic capabilities required to succeed in the rapidly growing arena of programmatic advertising.”

“There is no question that automation is key to the future of digital advertising—and those taking part in that future will need to navigate the ever-shifting programmatic ecosystem,” said Christa Babcock, Vice President, Learning and Development, IAB. “This comprehensive course will guide the buy and sell-side through the complex world of programmatic transactions, so they are prepared to take full advantage of the industry’s growing reliance on automation.”

After a three-month trial period to hone the syllabus, the program is now available online and in classroom settings, and is designed for account managers, media planners, media buyers, sales teams, traders, operations teams, and those that manage and support them.

The achievements when completing the training:

  • Develop proficiency in programmatic technologies and tools;
  • Strategically assess investments in programmatic solutions;
  • Apply best practices to day-to-day management of campaigns and inventory;
  • In addition, graduates will qualify for eight credit hours toward IAB certification or recertification status.

Upcoming “Programmatic 360: Automation Decoded” in-person classes will be offered in New York City on February 22th and in San Francisco on May 16th. The program is also available online for students to access content globally.