Reddit launches SKAN 4.0 support

Reddit last month announced the launch of SKAN 4.0 support, providing advertisers with a host of improvements and new features to enhance their advertising experience.

Reddit SKAN 4.0 support
Reddit SKAN 4.0 support

Reddit last month announced the launch of SKAN 4.0 support, providing advertisers with a host of improvements and new features to enhance their advertising experience.

This latest update reinforces Reddit's commitment to empowering advertisers with advanced tools and making it easier to manage and execute successful app install campaigns using SKAdNetwork.

The introduction of SKAN 4.0 marks a significant step forward in mobile app advertising, addressing limitations faced in earlier versions such as limited postbacks and lack of data granularity.

With Reddit's SKAN 4.0 support, advertisers can expect several key enhancements:

  • Improved Reporting Insights: SKAN install reporting in Reddit Ads Manager will now be available at the ad group level, while maintaining ad level insights. This will help achieve the privacy thresholds more quickly, increasing the likelihood of receiving post-install conversion values on SKAN postbacks.
  • Double the Amount of Ad Creatives: Reddit has doubled the limit for active ads associated with each App ID, reducing the frequency of hitting ad limits.
  • Streamlined SKAN ID Management: Managing SKAN IDs is now more transparent and convenient, with improved visibility and in-platform controls to easily manage, release, and re-assign IDs to new ads and ad groups.

These enhancements, coupled with SKAN 4.0's ability to receive multiple postbacks and provide more detailed attribution information, offer advertisers deeper insights into campaign performance and improved campaign management capabilities.


SKAdNetwork was first introduced by Apple in 2018 as an optional framework for measuring advertising performance on iOS devices. It was designed to address the growing concerns about user privacy and provide a more data-driven approach to attribution without compromising user data protection.

The launch of SKAdNetwork was prompted by several factors, including:

  1. Growing User Privacy Concerns: With the increasing focus on user privacy, Apple made significant changes to its iOS platform, limiting the access to user-level identifiers like the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). This made it more challenging for advertisers to track and measure ad performance accurately.
  2. Need for a Sustainable Measurement Solution: Existing attribution solutions, such as device fingerprinting and cross-device tracking, were becoming less effective due to privacy restrictions and evolving device technologies. SKAdNetwork aimed to provide a more sustainable and privacy-aware approach to attribution.
  3. Apple's Commitment to Privacy-Preserving Advertising: Apple has consistently emphasized the importance of user privacy in its approach to advertising and app development. SKAdNetwork aligned with this commitment by providing a framework for measuring ad performance without compromising user data.

SKAdNetwork has undergone several iterations since its initial launch, with each version introducing new features and enhancements to improve its capabilities. While there have been challenges in adapting to these changes, SKAdNetwork remains the primary means of measuring advertising performance on iOS devices, providing advertisers with insights while upholding user privacy principles.

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