Salesfusion Offers Marketing Automation Transition Package to Marketers Ready to Make the Switch

Salesfusion, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, is giving dissatisfied marketing automation users of competitive platforms an offer they cannot refuse. Recognizing the challenges that come with switching marketing automation solutions, Salesfusion today announced its Marketing Automation Transition Package, which includes special pricing and additional asset transfer support.

Citing a desire for better customer service and a need for a more intuitive solution at a manageable total cost of ownership, mid-market companies, like Infrascale, Payspan and Radiology Oncology are transitioning to the Salesfusion platform.

“We found it extremely difficult to get custom reports and metrics in Marketo and were unable to get the support we needed,” said Carla Fedrigo, Director of Marketing at Infrascale. “During the sales process with Salesfusion it was apparent that they would be a true business partner who worked with us to ensure our success. They are providing functionality and customer service that was not available to us before.”

Many marketers investigating alternatives to high-priced and overly complex marketing automation technology are finding Salesfusion provides an easy-to-use solution with the required functional breadth and depth as well as customer support. Following the transition, companies can be up and running in less than a week.

“Some of the more intricate solutions seem to be geared toward businesses that already have a developer or full-scale marketing operations team in house, extending your time-to-value and making them difficult to leverage. We are excited about Salesfusion’s function-rich, user friendly approach which is helping us get the most out of our marketing automation investment at a cost-competitive price,” said Ben Lazar, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Payspan. “With Salesfusion’s expertise and guidance, we are receiving excellent support that we weren’t accustomed to with Pardot in the past.”

“Salesfusion recognizes that the decision to implement marketing automation at all is a pivotal milestone for most marketers. With this, they also understand the thought and planning that goes into making a subsequent platform change,” said Jonathan Dixon, Marketing Manager at Radiology Oncology. “We appreciate that Salesfusion has invested in tools and processes to replicate our workflows, emails and landing pages, thus providing us a seamless transition from Hubspot and ensuring our success with their marketing automation platform.”