Sizmek Grants Thirdpresence Certification for HTML5 VPAID Video

Thirdpresence, a leading mobile in-app video SSP, announced today that Sizmek has certified the company’s video player for HTML5 VPAID video advertising. HTML5 VPAID is an important part of the growing mobile in-app video advertising market, because it allows advertisers to accurately measure video viewability and add interactive elements to the video creative.

“Video viewability is a key issue for advertisers,” said Markus Bäckström, CEO, Thirdpresence. “Sizmek’s certification means advertisers can feel confident in buying our in-app video inventory. We are pleased to be able to offer HTML5 VPAID as the marketplace for premium in-app brand advertising expands. Advertisers need to be able to measure viewability, whether the transaction is programmatic or direct sold.”

“We congratulate Thirdpresence for achieving Sizmek certification for their in-app video player,” said Jaime Singson, director of product marketing for Sizmek. “This certification adds Thirdpresence to a select group of companies that are certified for in-app HTML5 VPAID and shows that they are committed to increasing transparency and accountability in the in-app video advertising market. The ability to add an interactive layer to mobile video advertising is also a key feature for advertisers, since this has been possible on desktop for a long time.”