launches a budget visualizer and dynamic local inventory ads launches a budget visualizer and dynamic local inventory ads today announced new automation capabilities for retailers: a Budget Pacing Visualizer; Dynamic Local Inventory Ads; and Cross-Campaign Budget Optimization support for Pinterest.

According, the Budget Pacing Visualizer is a feature, with supported for Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter, that supplies visual representation of campaigns’ budget pacing progress as compared to the target spend for specified timeframes and date ranges.

“ has been an integral platform for Afterpay, enabling the company in driving key business results,” said Martin Kilp, Global Head of Paid Social, Afterpay. “Features like the Budget Pacing Visualizer help us manage ad dollars more efficiently for the many retail brands and advertisers we partner with. We are excited about the new possibilities with’s latest retail-focused capabilities and features in further fueling optimal performance and growth for us.”

The Dynamic Local Inventory Ads enables dynamic ads to leverage a local inventory feed on top of a product catalog for campaigns on Facebook. This gives consumers insight into a product’s store-level price and availability. also enables retailers to customize these ads with branding, logos, borders, and other overlays to further enhance the product imagery.

The Cross-Campaign Budget Optimization, available already for Facebook and Snapchat, was now introduced for Pinterest campaigns. The Cross-Campaign Budget Optimization enables retailers to leverage budget optimization across multiple campaigns. Retailers can pool campaign budgets together and leave the decision-making of optimal budget splits up to’s automation. Retailers can then optimize budgets across multiple campaigns that have the same campaign objective in order to maximize ROAS.

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