Snapchat expands AR advertising options with Sponsored AR Filters

Snapchat expands AR advertising options with Sponsored AR Filters
Sponsored AR Filters

Snapchat last month announced the introduction of Sponsored AR Filters, a new advertising format that places branded augmented reality experiences within the app's post-capture Filter Carousel. This expands a brand's potential reach, letting them engage with users who are already interacting with their Snaps.

Key Features of Sponsored AR Filters

  • Cultural Relevance: The format allows brands to connect with users during major events and everyday moments through interactive AR experiences.
  • Simplified Creation: Advertisers can use existing assets and templates (face filters, location overlays, etc.) to build Sponsored AR Filters.
  • Increased Visibility: Combining Sponsored AR Filters with pre-capture Sponsored Lenses maximizes brand exposure within Snapchat's camera interface.
  • Measurable Results: Integration of calls-to-action (CTAs) allows advertisers to track engagement and conversions driven by their AR campaigns.
  • Accessibility: Lens Web Builder, a free tool, lets advertisers create Sponsored AR Filters without external production costs.

Snapchat highlights the potential of Sponsored AR Filters by citing successful campaigns. Examples range from the NFL's Super Bowl countdown to Franklin Park Conservatory's promotion of its local exhibits, demonstrating the format's suitability for a wide variety of advertisers.

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