Sony LIV taps CleverTap in India

CleverTap this week announced that Sony LIV, one of India’s leading premium OTT platforms, is leveraging its technology, making them a first mover in the OTT space.

Sony LIV’s latest update will allow users to view video previews in push notifications, even on a locked screen. With deep linking that directs them to the appropriate content, Sony LIV aims to provide users with a seamless video viewing experience. CleverTap says the results have been exciting so far, with 3x higher click-through rates (CTR), increased session durations and higher than average view times.

According to CleverTap, Sony LIV is now able to process millions of data points across its entire user base to determine predominant interests of the audience. Sony LIV establishes a match between the videos on the platform and each user’s preferences by determining the users’ propensity or affinity towards a specific category over others. Thus, each user receives contextual and relevant videos. Sony LIV gains user-level insights based on past and real-time in-app behavior. Using personalized, timely user engagement campaigns, Sony LIV is able to update users on the latest content added, inform them of live events, encourage paid subscriptions, and win back dormant users.

“Sony LIV is a pioneer in the OTT space and was the first VOD platform to be launched in India. At Sony LIV, we have been pushing the boundaries in the OTT space. Being able to promote the most relevant content at the right time to the right user, through video, is something we are excited about. With the rise in the use of iPhones and the ability to use rich media, we can make push notifications more intuitive, and each campaign more compelling to the end user. This will help us effectively engage our users, and deliver the best possible customer experience.”
Uday Sodhi, Head – Digital Business, Sony Pictures Network India