Spark for Education is now free for students and teachers

Spark for Education is now available to students and teachers free of charge, Adobe announced this week. Normally priced at $120 per year and available on the Spark for Education website, now free of charge, “enables students to express themselves via graphics, web stories, and video to complete their school assignments and showcase digital creativity”, says Adobe.

This announcement comes after Apple has gained focus on education, with the launch of a low cost iPad and a Classroom app, Apple School Manager. A plan to bring Apple to the schools.

Adobe’s research has shown that jobs of the future will demand both creativity and creative problem solving skills—two different capabilities that 97% of educators recognize as being essential for students to learn in school. However, the research also shows that the biggest barriers educators currently face to teach these skills are the lack of access to necessary tools and technologies, and the time required to teach students how to use creative tools. According to Adobe, Adobe Spark for Education was built to solve both of these issues. In addition to making the application free to schools, Adobe has also introduced named user licensing, enabling students to log into their account and work on creative projects from any location on any device, even from their homes. These licenses can be deployed by K-12 schools in a way that is consistent with data privacy laws including COPPA—the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

“I have seen first-hand the importance of fun, easy-to-use creativity tools in the classroom, and believe that Adobe Spark will enhance how educators teach digital and creative-problem solving skills to open up a range of new possibilities for students who want to express themselves,” said Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager of Creative Cloud product marketing and engagement, Adobe. “Access to tools and resources is a key factor in education, and by providing Spark with premium features to K-12 schools and colleges for free and by offering single sign-on, Adobe is empowering educators to teach the critical skills their students need both in the classroom and when they enter the workforce.”