Sponsored Moments on Twitter rolled out globally for In-Stream Sponsorship premium publishers

Twitter launched a new ad format this week called Sponsored Moments. “Advertisers can sponsor Moments from premium content partners and reach audiences at scale while they view the content they are most passionate about.” Twitter rolled out this ad format to In-Stream Sponsorship publishers globally this week, offering one more way for publishers can monetize their content on Twitter.

What are Sponsored Moments?

“Sponsored Moments are an extension of In-Stream Sponsorships, which are customized programs where brands and publishers are paired up on a 1:1 basis. The goal with sponsored Moments, as with all In-Stream Sponsorships, is tight alignment between advertiser messaging and partner content. By working with premium publishers as part of an In-Stream Sponsorship, brands know exactly which partner they are working with, and can develop deep brand integrations within that partner’s content.”

For publishers, sponsored Moments is an end-to-end contextual solution for publishing and monetizing all forms of content on Twitter, including Tweets, photos, videos and GIFs. It allows publishers to easily do what they do best: produce and tell stories about events.

See here an example of a Sponsored Moment where Bank of America’s sponsored a Moment from Bloomberg at Davos: