Stock4Services appoints Jay Baguioro as President

Stock4Services, the groundbreaking crowdfunding platform for investment of services, advertising inventory and other non-monetary assets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Baguioro as President.

Jay Baguioro is a dynamic, high-performance, entrepreneur and sales & marketing executive with specialization in media, tech and entertainment. His working experience includes North America’s largest advertisers and advertising agencies across television, digital, mobile, print, multi-platform sponsorships and programmatic sales. Throughout his career in ad sales, Jay has personally generated and managed well over 100+ million dollars in new business revenue.

With the promising addition of Jay Baguioro to its executive team, Stock4Services aims at boosting its operations in North America and abroad. This state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform offers the opportunity for emerging growth companies to obtain valuable services in exchange for their stock, avoiding the need to seek funding from venture capital funds and other investors.

These services include, among others, advertising campaigns designed to increase the value of the startups and boost their sales. It is a win-win opportunity, as emerging growth companies negotiate deals for nationwide advertising campaigns while publishers, broadcasters, and other advertising inventory owners increase their revenue.

Recent data from the Newspaper Association of America reveal that the revenue of newspapers has fallen by 66% since it peaked at $60.2 billion in 2005, leaving publishers with $40 billion worth of unsold advertising inventory available for investing in emerging growth companies. The amount of unsold advertising inventory across all media (print, broadcast, online, outdoor and events) exceeds a quarter of a trillion dollars annually. On the other side, many of the 28 million of U.S. small businesses desire to increase visibility of their brands, products and services. This is where Stock4Services steps in, offering advertising inventory owners opportunity to invest their remnant inventory into emerging companies with high growth potential.

This model has already proven to be extremely successful as indicated by the following deals:

In 2005, a high-school drop-out accepted stock as a payment for painting graffiti on the walls of Facebook’s offices. In 2013, his stock was worth $500 million dollars.

In 2004 rapper 50 Cent accepted Glaceau stock for endorsing its Vitamin water brand. He cashed in over $100 million after taxes, when Coca-Cola purchased Glaceau 3 years later.
The value of the stock actor William Shatner received for appearing in Priceline commercials peaked at $600 million.

Jay Baguioro stated, regarding his appointment, “I’m excited by the opportunity to create billions of dollars of value by facilitating direct investment of services and remnant inventory in a way which would boost the growth of innovative businesses.” “We can turn publishers and broadcasters into major venture capital players, making economy more effective,” he added.

And Alex Konanykhin, CEO of KMGi, the parent company of Stock4Services, added: “I have no doubt that Jay is the right person to lead Stock4Services. If a graffiti painter could make half a billion dollars by investing his services, there’s no reason other service providers cannot increase their net worth by intelligently investing their services or unsold inventory and Jay has the skills and enthusiasm to make it happen on a large scale.”