Taboola launched an Ads.txt tool for publishers in the backstage

Taboola launched this month a tool to help publishers with the Ads.txt configuration. Taboola’s new Backstage feature for Ads.txt provides publishers “a simple way to access and implement your unique Taboola ads.txt records.”

According to Taboola, “maintaining an ads.txt file for the sake of transparency might seem daunting, but as industry adoption grows, not implementing it will impact publisher revenue. Not keeping the ads.txt file up to date may discourage or indeed prevent certain brands, marketers, agencies and other advertising partners from allowing their ads to run on your site, costing you revenue. Amazon, Google, and others have already started enforcing the practice.”

Under Account Settings, on Taboola´s Backstage, publishers can see how to implement and copy paste the Ads.txt.