Taboola launches Smart Bid optimizing for conversions or pageviews

Taboola yesterday launched Smart Bid, a new bidding strategy capable of optimizing for conversions or pageviews. Advertisers testing Smart Bid, on over 700 campaigns, had a 22% average higher conversion rate.

Signals used by Smart Bid include user interest and data; publisher data; page context; time of day; geography; device; site; and vertical.

According to Taboola, Smart Bid maximizes campaign performance by automatically adjusting the baseline bid of every impression based on the likelihood to drive conversions or page views. Smart Bid uses historical network conversion data (publisher data, user data, time of day, platform, etc.) to make automatic bid adjustments for each impression.

Taboola Smart Bid

Taboola each month parses over 500 million conversions globally increasing the quality of data available, so Smart Bid can create informed decisions aimed at maximizing campaign conversions.

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