Teads Acquires Leading Interactive Video and Dynamic Creative Optimization Company Brainient

Teads, the inventor of outstream video and the number 1 video advertising marketplace in the world, today announced the acquisition of Brainient, a British company that specializes in advanced dynamic creative technologies for video and mobile.

Interactivity and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technologies aim to match the content of ads in real-time to the profile of the user, including socio-demo, geolocation, screen used, time of the day, weather and any other type of contextual data. When perfectly targeted, interactive and dynamic ads are much more engaging for consumers and thus achieve better results for the advertiser.

Interactive Videos at Scale

Brainient has developed a creative studio that allows brands, agencies and publishers to enrich videos with interactive elements and optimize the content to match a user’s profile and preferences. Brainient’s technology can integrate first and third-party data from any data source and use the data to personalize video ads in real-time.

With this acquisition, Teads will offer integrated access to Brainient to all its marketplace buyers, streamlining the process of creating and delivering interactive video ads at scale for its clients. The combination of Brainient’s capabilities and Teads’ marketplace will form the only global solution for the creation and distribution of interactive video ads at scale.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat do not support interactive videos across their video ad offerings, and other video exchanges are struggling to ensure that interactive video ads created using various technology partners can run consistently across devices, screen sizes, and orientation modes without major discrepancies.

Brainient will be rebranded as Teads Studio and will run as an independent business unit within Teads. Emi Gal, founder & CEO of Brainient will join Teads as CEO of Teads Studio and will relocate to New York.

Vertical Videos at Scale

Teads has been pioneering vertical outstream video advertising formats for smartphones, placed inside articles on premium publisher sites. Despite the company’s efforts, vertical videos remain relatively rare because the vast majority of creatives are produced for the horizontal TV screen.

Teads Studio will dramatically change the game for vertical video by empowering brands to create vertical versions of their existing videos, so that they can truly leverage the smartphone screen.

Bertrand Quesada, CEO, Teads, adds, “I am very excited by the opportunity to speed up the adoption of the most advanced outstream video advertising formats. For instance, we will also help agencies and brands streamline the creation of 360° creatives, leveraging a normal landscape video!”

Pioneering Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are the future of internet advertising, as they fully leverage the interactive nature of digital to engage users in the advertising experience. Teads Studio will allow creative and media teams to add interactivity to their videos, such as inviting consumers to test or buy a product, visit a shop or simply share an ad on social media. Teads Studio’s capabilities will enable brands to personalize this interactivity using any type of data signals, from any data source.

Examples include offering consumers the ability to test-drive a new model of car or visit the closest dealership, submit an in-video form to receive a quote on a mortgage, or view a different version of the ad based on the weather outside and much more.