The Trade Desk joins as a leader member

The Trade Desk this week joined joined as a leader member. The Trade Desk is the latest demand-side platform (DSP) to become a member. members include Xandr, Verizon Media, Aform, Rubicon, OpenX, among others.

Google is the only main player in RTB that is not member of the most popular header bidding organization. Instead of adopting Header Bidding, Google created an alternative called Exchange Bidding.

The Trade Desk says that their membership illustrates the importance of buyers and sellers coming together to further industry-wide collaboration for open-source solutions in the open, independent internet.

David Pickles, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Trade Desk, will be on the Board of Earlier this year, The Trade Desk integrated its Unified ID solution into’s header bidding wrapper.

“In joining, The Trade Desk will take a more active role in contributing to the open-source header bidding community,” said Dave Pickles, CTO of The Trade Desk. “Header bidding represents the lion’s share of the publishing industry, and reflects the collective goals of both the buy and sell sides of the community to create a more fair and transparent header bidding environment for all players. This collaboration is critical for the future of the open internet.”

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