The Trade Desk updates its trading platform

Solimar it's the new trading platform of The Trading Desk.

The Trade Desk updates its trading platform

The Trade Desk this month launched Solimar, an update to the trading platform. The Trade Desk says Solimar is the result of more than two years of product development, addressing key concerns.

According to The Trade Desk, Solimar has a simplified user experience, new marketing, and business goal settings, easy onboard ramps for first-party advertiser data, and a new measurement marketplace.

"We are launching Solimar at this moment so that marketers can fully embrace those opportunities on the open internet. The transparent cross-channel precision and measurement capabilities of Solimar stand in strong contrast to the limitations of Walled Gardens," said Jeff Green, Co-Founder, and CEO, The Trade Desk.

"Traders can focus on their strategic priorities, and rely on Solimar to handle everything else. That’s because by adding planning and decisioning into every aspect of the buying cycle, Solimar acts on information in real-time, ensuring all decisions are data-driven. In this way, Solimar embodies everything I’ve learned about media buying over the last 15 years," said Dave Pickles, Co-Founder, and CTO.

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