TikTok announces new Tools and Programs to help creators thrive

TikTok announces new Tools and Programs to help creators thrive

TikTok this week unveiled a range of initiatives aimed at empowering its creator community. These include new features, expanded resources, and enhanced monetization opportunities, all designed to help creators grow their presence on the platform and turn their passion into a profitable career.

Creator Academy: Hub for TikTok Mastery

The new Creator Academy will be a central hub for learning and development within the app. This online resource will offer tutorials, insights, and best practices to help creators master everything from content creation to utilizing the platform's monetization tools. The Academy is currently in testing and will be available in multiple languages within the coming weeks.

Creativity Pays Off: Improved Monetization

  • Creator Rewards Program: The previously beta-tested Creativity Program will officially be renamed the Creator Rewards Program. The refined program is designed to reward creators for producing high-quality, original video content that exceeds one minute in length. According to TikTok, recent data shows significant growth for the program with creator revenue increasing by over 250% in the last six months.
  • LIVE & Video Subscriptions Expanded: Previously only available to creators hosting LIVE content, TikTok Subscriptions will become available to all eligible creators on the platform. Subscription offers creators a more consistent revenue stream, while subscribers get access to exclusive content, community-building perks, and a deeper connection with their favorite creators.

The Importance of Longer Videos

TikTok recognizes the growth and success of longer-format videos on the platform, with viewership increasing by 40% in the last six months. This shift gives creators greater freedom to showcase their passion, and engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Safety First

TikTok emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe and positive space for the entire community. All content remains subject to TikTok's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Creators can find an array of safety tools on the Creator Portal.

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