TikTok restricts hashtag data in Creative Center

TikTok restricts hashtag data in Creative Center

TikTok this month restricted the search functionality for hashtags within its Creative Center, a tool designed to help marketers discover and utilize trending topics on the platform.

This decision has raised concerns among marketers, who rely on hashtag data to inform their campaign strategies.

TikTok cites concerns about the potential misuse of hashtag data to uncover potential platform censorship as the primary reason for the restriction. Researchers and lawmakers have utilized Creative Center's hashtag insights to scrutinize content related to geopolitics and the Israel-Hamas war. The company may believe that limiting hashtag search capabilities will make it more difficult to identify and target specific content for scrutiny.

The restriction of hashtag search in Creative Center poses several challenges for marketers:

  1. Limited Trend Exploration: Marketers will no longer have the ability to freely explore and analyze hashtag trends, which is crucial for identifying emerging opportunities and potential campaign themes.
  2. Reduced Campaign Effectiveness: Without accurate hashtag data, marketers may struggle to select the most relevant and effective hashtags for their campaigns, potentially impacting reach and engagement.
  3. Increased Campaign Risk: Without a clear understanding of hashtag performance, marketers may be more likely to choose hashtags that are irrelevant or even harmful to their brand reputation.

Despite the challenges, marketers can still effectively utilize hashtags on TikTok by adopting alternative strategies:

  1. Identify Popular Trends Manually: Observe trending hashtags by manually browsing TikTok's For You Page or using third-party tools that track hashtag popularity.
  2. Engage with Influencers: Collaborate with TikTok influencers who have a deep understanding of trending hashtags and can provide insights into their audience's preferences.
  3. Leverage TikTok's Data Analytics: Utilize TikTok's own analytics tools to track the performance of specific hashtags in your campaigns.

TikTok's decision to restrict hashtag search in Creative Center presents a new challenge for marketers, who must adapt their strategies to effectively navigate the platform's evolving data landscape. By adopting alternative methods of identifying and analyzing hashtags, marketers can continue to leverage the power of hashtags to reach their target audience and achieve their campaign goals.

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