Triton Digital integrates with Amazon Publisher Services

Triton Digital integrates with Amazon Publisher Services

Triton Digital today announced its integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS), enabling Amazon DSP advertisers to reach a wider audience of listeners with interactive audio ads.

This collaboration will expand the reach of Amazon Ads’ unique interactive audio ads on Alexa-enabled devices across shared APS and Triton Digital publishers.

Interactive audio ads, developed by Amazon Ads, offer a more engaging and interactive advertising experience for listeners by enabling them to take action directly from the ad without leaving the streaming audio content they are enjoying. Listeners can use voice commands to request more information, set reminders, or even add items to their Amazon shopping cart.

The integration with APS will provide advertisers with access to Triton Digital’s extensive audio inventory, which includes over 100 billion audio impressions per month across a diverse range of genres and audiences. This expanded reach will allow advertisers to reach their target audience with relevant and engaging ads, while publishers can monetize their content more effectively.

According to a recent study conducted by Amazon Ads and Kantar, audio streamers are 75% more likely to respond to an ad when the ad has a voice-command. Additionally, the study found that interactive audio ads achieved higher consideration (1.3x) and purchase intent (2.3x) compared to standard audio creatives.

This integration marks a significant step forward in the development of interactive audio advertising and will provide advertisers with a powerful new tool to reach their target audience and drive results. With the combined reach of Triton Digital and APS, advertisers can now leverage interactive audio ads to create a more engaging and personalized experience for listeners.

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