Twitter Publisher Network changed name to Twitter Audience Platform

Twitter announced this week that the Twitter Publisher Network just change name to Twitter Audience Platform.

The TAP (Twitter Audience Platform) is a combination between targeting signals coming from Twitter (interest/username/keywords) and the inventory on Mopub, an ad network specialized on App Environment.

With TAP, advertisers can reach more than 700 million users on Twitter and in Mopub.

Native Ads

With the news of TAP, it comes the native ads announcement. It will be possible on Twitter Audience Platform to create four different ad formats from a creative asset. The formats are normal banners, native ads, video and interstitials. Twitter also launched call-to-action buttons to “help drive specific behavior from users.”

Drive Actions

In TAP, advertisers can now optimize their campaigns for video views and engagements. Both actions are available on beta.These optimizations will be expanded to other actions, including website clicks and conversions.