Veritone launches VeriAds

VeriAds this month launched VeriAds, a network that enables radio and television broadcasters, podcasters and social media influencers to generate incremental advertising revenue from advertisers.

According to Veritone, the VeriAds has 3 turnkey programs – VeriAds Spot Network, MicroMentions and Influencer Bridge – giving media partners access to a range of placement options, from preset committed inventory to on-demand run-of-schedule solutions.

VeriAds Spot Network manages the liquidation and fulfillment of run-of-schedule and dayparted ad units for media partners.

MicroMentions is an on-demand live read solution that gives broadcasters full control of their advertising formats and revenue. Broadcasters choose when talent executes the read and what format the ad is delivered in (10, 15 or 30 seconds), and VeriAds MicroMentions handles the rest: the clearance, verification and the revenue generation, all on a guaranteed CPM basis.

Influencer Bridge is a pay-per-performance advertising platform that gives influential audio and video content creators unrivaled access and control in monetizing their content. The platform allows podcast, Instagram and YouTube influencers the opportunity to maximize unsold inventory through CPA (Cost-Per-Action).

Veritone says VeriAds revenue programs are programmatically managed and handle all advertising sales, collections, clearance verification and revenue distribution – requiring minimal operational support and administration from media partners.

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