Viafoura Launches Next Phase of Audience Development Platform

Viafoura is launching the next phase of its Audience Development Platform, which includes new engagement tools to reflect its commitment to empowering the digital world’s interactions, connections, and relationships.

Viafoura empowers over 600 media brands to engage, discover, and grow their audience through a robust set of engagement, analytics, and user experience management tools.

“Viafoura has evolved greatly since we launched in 2012,” says Jesse Moeinifar, Viafoura Founder & CEO. “To better reflect where Viafoura is today, and where we are going, we wanted to reintroduce the brand with this new release and new suite of engagement tools developed to further empower digital publishers and media companies to increase onsite engagement and grow their audience.”

In this release, Viafoura provides the framework and tools for the creation of a social network and rich user profiles to drive user-to-user interactions directly on a publisher’s or media company’s site. The new engagement tools include a notification feed and browser push notifications to alert users of breaking news, social interactions, and information that is important to them.

“Our engagement tools are already measurably increasing session length, visit depth, and visitor loyalty for digital publishers and media companies. This new phase takes it to the next level with a refocus on social interaction and an improved mobile experience,” says Dan Seaman, Product Director at Viafoura.

“Viafoura Audience Development Platform also includes a real-time analytics dashboard to uncover the impact of onsite engagement on important KPIs to gain actionable insights,” adds Seaman.

The evolution of the platform reinforces Viafoura as an industry leader and innovator in audience development.

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