Video Campaigns: Canadian advertisers go more for multiscreen environments, targeting reach on age groups

Videology today released the Q4 2017 Canada Video Market At-A-Glance report, and the report found that 87% of campaigns in the Videology platform ran on multiple screens, including PC, Mobile, and Connected TV. This was a 30% increase compared to the previous quarter when 68% of campaigns ran on multiple screens.

According to Videology, many advertisers chose to use Predictive Demo targeting in order to better reach their age- and gender-based audience. The Q4 report found that when Predictive Demo Targeting was used, targeting accuracy increased by 27%.

“Canadians today are consuming more video content on more screens than ever before,” said Mark McKee, EVP, Marketing & Sales, North America, Videology. “Advertisers are realizing they must take a multi-screen approach in order to reach their audience – and it’s not just about PC and Mobile anymore; Connected TV is emerging as a powerful way to reach consumers in a TV-like environment using the data and targeting usually associated with online channels.”