VIOOH expands programmatic DOOH presence in China with Beijing Metro partnership

VIOOH expands programmatic DOOH presence in China with Beijing Metro partnership
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VIOOH, a global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform (SSP), this week announced its latest partnership for programmatic DOOH (prDOOH) in China. This collaboration with Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising Co., Ltd. brings real-time programmatic ad trading to a significant portion of Beijing's metro system.

VIOOH's partnership with Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising marks its second programmatic media owner partnership in mainland China. This collaboration extends VIOOH's prDOOH offering to encompass the metro audiences of both Shanghai and Beijing, China's two largest metro systems.

Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising manages media resources across all nine lines of the Beijing metro network. This vast network encompasses a total of 249 stations, with a daily passenger flow exceeding 8.15 million. Through the VIOOH Trading Manager platform, advertisers now have access to real-time trading across 267 digital screens strategically positioned within 76 metro stations. These digital ad placements include panels located both within station concourses and along tracks.

Benefits of programmatic DOOH

The adoption of programmatic buying automates the purchase of digital media based on impressions. This approach offers advertisers a high degree of flexibility and control over their DOOH campaigns, allowing for real-time management. VIOOH's prDOOH offering delivers additional benefits for advertisers, including:

  • Access to new campaign metrics
  • Enhanced audience targeting capabilities through data utilization
  • Seamless integration with other media channels at the point of purchase

Revolutionizing the DOOH landscape in China

VIOOH's expansion into the Beijing metro system is expected to empower advertisers with more flexible and effective communication strategies. This will ultimately lead to the delivery of more targeted and relevant messaging to consumers on the move.

Commenting on the new partnership, Calvin Chan, CEO of VIOOH China, highlighted the significance of offering programmatic DOOH across China's two major metro systems. He emphasized VIOOH's commitment to unlocking commercial opportunities for advertisers while acknowledging the Beijing Metro's advanced technology and precise programmatic targeting capabilities. Chan expressed confidence that advertisers, both domestic and international, will leverage this new opportunity to achieve success in the Chinese market.

Theresa Wong, General Manager at Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising, welcomed the partnership with VIOOH, citing the company's expertise in programmatic SSP solutions. Wong anticipates VIOOH's platform will connect them with a global client base, bolstering their sales channels. She emphasized the value proposition for brands, particularly the data-driven audience profiles and flexible broadcasting system, which Wong believes will propel prDOOH into a new era for advertising within China's capital city.

Rising adoption of programmatic DOOH in China

VIOOH's recent "China State of the Nation" research revealed that programmatic DOOH adoption is on the rise within China. According to the study, 24% of advertisers and agencies in China invested in programmatic DOOH in 2023, with projections indicating a rise to 31% by year-end. While current adoption rates lag behind international markets, China's programmatic DOOH sector is experiencing rapid growth.

The VIOOH study also explored the motivations behind the increasing adoption of programmatic DOOH in China. Key factors identified include:

  • High targeting precision to reach desired audiences (53%)
  • Brand safety assurance (50%)
  • Seamless integration into broader media mixes (47%)
  • Excellent measurement and attribution capabilities (42%)

VIOOH anticipates announcing the availability of additional digital OOH inventory later in 2024.

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