Vistar Media acquires ADstruc

Vistar Media acquires ADstruc

Vistar Media this week announced the acquisition of ADstruc, a software solution for traditional OOH planning and buying, from PJX Media. This move strengthens Vistar's offerings within the OOH industry.

ADstruc has been a mainstay in the OOH space for over fifteen years, particularly within the US market. The platform is recognized for streamlining the planning, buying, and selling processes for OOH media, allowing agencies to dedicate more resources to crafting impactful campaigns.

Vistar Media, known for its programmatic digital OOH solutions, acknowledges that digital OOH represents only a portion of the broader OOH landscape, according to client feedback. Brands and agencies require a comprehensive approach to leverage the full potential of OOH advertising.

Vistar Media explored developing its own traditional OOH planning solution but ultimately opted for a strategic acquisition. This decision involved evaluating various market options and identifying ADstruc as the strongest technology solution with a customer-centric business model.

The acquisition of ADstruc empowers Vistar Media to provide a more robust OOH offering. This fosters deeper collaboration with OOH agencies and aligns with Vistar's commitment to combining leading technology with exceptional human support. By leveraging ADstruc under the Vistar umbrella, OOH agencies can focus on their core strength: delivering expert, customized services to clients.

Vistar Media can now equip brands and agencies worldwide with the tools required for local and international OOH campaigns. This acquisition expands Vistar's scope beyond programmatic solutions to encompass the full spectrum of OOH possibilities. Digital agencies gain seamless integration capabilities to incorporate OOH elements into their advertising strategies, encompassing a wide range of formats such as vinyl and digital billboards, posters, murals, wallscapes, bus wraps, and more.

Vistar Media highlights a historical industry perspective where programmatic and traditional OOH solutions were viewed as competitors. This perception, according to the company, limited growth and did not reflect how brands approach OOH advertising. The Vistar Media and PJX Media partnership signifies a collaborative approach aimed at accelerating growth within the OOH industry.

Vistar Media expresses confidence that this acquisition signifies a new chapter of growth for the OOH channel. The benefits are expected to be multifaceted: OOH agencies gain an efficient tool to optimize operations, digital agencies gain improved access to the full power of OOH, and media owners continue to work with a trusted and preferred platform that now offers broader buyer reach.

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