Yelp launches Yelp Audiences with ads off-platform using search audiences

Yelp Audiences enable advertisers to buy ads across the web using search audiences from Yelp.

Yelp launches Yelp Audiences with ads off-platform using search audiences

Yelp today launched a new a new advertising platform - Yelp Audiences - where Yelp is buying ads for advertisers using search activity from Yelp platform.

According to Yelp’s research, 90% of people make a purchase within a week after visiting Yelp.

To use Yelp Audiences, advertisers provide creative assets and Yelp delivers the ads on websites, mobile apps, and video streaming services through connected TV, based on the user’s purchase intent while on Yelp.

Yelp uses demand-side platforms (DSPs) to deliver ads to its users on third-party websites and apps.

Yelp says it is protecting Yelp users’ information by working directly with advertisers and eliminating the need for them to purchase data from a third-party. Through pixel integration and first-party reporting, Yelp is providing measurement and insights.

Yelp has launched Yelp Audiences with KitchenAid, following pilots with the food technology company Eat Just and comfort technology company Purple.

“For years, advertisers have wanted to make more meaningful connections with consumers and Yelp’s unmatched data allows us to support that,” said Tom Foran, Yelp’s senior vice president and head of Go-To-Market, National. “Yelp’s high-intent audience can uniquely help brands better develop these important and meaningful connections with the right consumers. With Yelp Audiences, we are able to help advertisers reach our engaged, down-funnel audience in a way no other platform can.”

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