11000 domains have implemented ads.txt

As of October 12, Google detected more than 11000 domain implementations of the ads.txt, a file that prevents programmatic marketplaces to do domain spoofing and unauthorized arbitrage.

“Adoption has been strong” says Pooja Kapoor, Head of Global Strategy, Programmatic and Ecosystem Health at Google. In this article, Pooja says that “as of October 12, Google ads.txt crawler has found files from over 11,000 URLs. However, only 252 of the comScore 1000 publishers have published ads.txt files.”

How Google is promoting the adoption of ads.txt by the publishers

  • AdSense has begun to display ads.txt alerts in the user interface to let publishers know if we identify errors in their ads.txt file.
  • By the end of October, DoubleClick for Publishers will include an ads.txt generator and validator to help publishers create their initial ads.txt file and correct and modify their existing ads.txt files.
  • And most importantly by the end of this year, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and AdSense will filter unauthorized inventory, as identified by a publisher’s ads.txt file, from our auction.