A new self-service way to buy Reservation Ads on YouTube

A new self-service way to buy Reservation Ads on YouTube
Reservation ads in Google Ads

Google Ads yesterday announced an update that simplifies purchasing reservation ads on YouTube. Now advertisers can plan, buy, and measure ad campaigns across auction and reservation placements, all within Google Ads framework.

With a few clicks, via reservation ads, advertisers can set up campaigns for:

  • YouTube Select Lineups: These exclusive lineups offer guaranteed impressions for your ads, ensuring they reach your target audience with precision.
  • YouTube Select Shorts Lineups: Tap into the growing popularity of short-form videos with tailored ad placements within YouTube Shorts, a popular destination for mobile users.
  • YouTube TV Lineups: Integrate your ads into YouTube TV, the streaming service that delivers live and on-demand content to millions of households.
  • Cost-Per-Impression Masthead: Capture attention with eye-catching masthead ads that appear at the top of the YouTube homepage.
  • Standard Run of YouTube reservation: Leverage the power of guaranteed impressions alongside advanced audience targeting for targeted campaigns.

This simplified setup and increased access to reservation ads open up new opportunities for media buyers. By incorporating reservation campaigns into their strategies, they can gain greater control over their ad placements, ensure brand visibility, and optimize their campaign performance.

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