Adblock Plus launches Acceptable Ads Platform

Adblock Plus was news this week with the launch of a new RTB platform called Acceptable Ads. This is an ad exchange for Publishers, Ad Networks, Advertisers and Ad Tech suppliers.

Acceptable Ads Platform is allowing Publishers to monetize the audience that uses ad blocking and providing the Ad Networks with more value to the publishers/advertisers. The advertisers will have more reach, having their ads shown to the users that are currently using ad blocking; and Ad Tech suppliers are being invited to be part of the project.

ComboTag is the Adtech that Adblock Plus is using to create the ad exchange of Acceptable Ads. Some Ad providers include big names, like Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain and RevContent. Google is not in this list.

Appnexus and Google react against ComboTag because it goes against the ecosystem

Appnexus reacted saying that “awill not allow Eyeo GmbH/Adblock Plus and ComboTag to use Appnexus” for the monetization. Appnexus says that believe in a moral economy whith a “virtuous circle that connects advertisers, publishers, and consumers in a commonality of interests. Consumers rely on publishers for free access content, games, journalism, and social networking. Publishers rely on marketers to fund that content through quality advertising. And marketers rely on publishers to engage their audiences.”

Google said today that is terminating the relationship with ComboTag too, saying that they were very surprised with this move from Adblock Plus.To Ramaswamy, ‎SVP, Ads & Commerce at Google, “they in turn have created this relationship with Eyeo, which is now going from being an ad-blocking company to being a provider of ads—this is not a business that we want to be a part of.”