Adobe Analytics now can measure audio

Adobe introduced Adobe Analytics for streaming audio, giving advertisers to have insights into online and offline audio. In Adobe Analytics, advertisers can now measure if an ad was skipped or fully listened, and how errors like buffering impact the experience—regardless if the audio was downloaded, or live streamed.

Through Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace, brands can connect to second and third-party data sources to understand user behavior across partner brands or to measure their audience’s location, demographics or psychographics.

“With a crowded marketplace, and the ability to listen whenever and wherever, brands have been largely in the dark when it comes to understanding how audio is consumed. Marketers have been essentially gambling with their budget,” said Jeff Allen, senior director product marketing, Adobe Analytics Cloud. “No other analytics solution gives access to this level of insights for podcasts, streaming audio and digital books.”

CBS Interactive, Pandora, Spotify, Time Warner, and Viacom are partners with Adobe. The main platforms for audio ads are in podcasts, online radios, streaming music, or in audiobooks.