Adsquare allows cross-device audience extension via Drawbridge, Tapad and Crosswise

Adsquare took the approach to break out the device silos and introduce adsquare Cross-Device audience extension solution. Adsquare’s data exchange is built mobile-first and supports Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), mobile signals such as location, as well as dynamic data such as events or weather. Starting with MAIDs as the most persistent identifier, adsquare integrated with leading cross-device companies enables marketers to extend their 360° audiences and reach users on multiple screens and platforms.

With the surge of smartphone usage, consumers are increasingly connected. According to the latest eMarketer estimates, in 2017 private media usage is dominated by mobile usage making the smartphone the most personal device, used by 2.73 billion people. In the age of connectedness, however, the regular digital consumer now owns on average 3.64 devices. For marketers this means that their targeted consumer is always connected, working simultaneously on several devices at once.

Adsquare partnerss are Drawbridge, Tapad and Crosswise (Oracle), that combine deterministic and probabilistic data, resulting in more than 90% accuracy rate; verified by Nielsen. Adsquare audience extension solution gives marketers the opportunity to combine cross-device silos for more impactful and effective campaign and success stories are coming fast.