B2B Ad Spending to Grow 13% in 2018 in the USA, eMarketer estimates

B2B advertisers will spend $4.07 billion on US digital advertising in 2017. This is the estimation from eMarketer that says: “Overall, the B2B digital ad market is growing steadily, and in 2018 it will jump 13% to reach $4.60 billion.”

Since 2013, when B2Bs jointly spent $2.18 billion on digital advertising, growth has been strong, increasing by double-digit percentages every year.

What is the split by device?

Desktops and laptops attract the majority of digital ad dollars spent by B2Bs in the US—an anticipated $2.54 billion in 2017.

Mobile spend, which will reach $1.53 billion this year, is increasing steadily every year and slowly eroding the desktop/laptop share, although no tipping point is in sight yet.