Bing now allows tracking Offline Conversions

Since this month, Bing has a new way to measure the ad impact on offline. Industries like autos, insurance, mortgages, education and others often use online marketing campaigns to generate new leads of potential buyers, and allowing these advertisers to import the offline conversions, help them to optimize for the sale and justify the media buying, in this case, on Bing Ads.

On this post, Nan Li, explains how Bing is associating the offline activities to the online clicks on ads: “You can connect offline conversions to a search ad via the use of a Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID), which is automatically appended to your ad URLs when you first enable this feature. You’ll then need to capture this click ID from the referring URL whenever a user visits your website, and store it with any form or quote filled out by a user on your website.”


A unique click ID would be generated by Bing Ads and appended to the landing page URL. You would capture this when the customer lands on your website and store it somewhere like a user cookie or have it persist in the URL across your webpages. When the customer decides to fill out an insurance quote, you would associate the click ID with that same information. When the customer completes the purchase offline with a local agent, you can connect the conversion back to the click ID and import it into Bing Ads as a conversion event. After importing your offline conversions into Bing Ads, you’ll see them populated across all your performance grids and reporting that include conversion data.