Brand Safety: Google is manually reviewing all channels within Google Preferred inventory on Youtube

Google announced today that is changing Google Preferred on Youtube “so that it not only offers the most popular content on YouTube, but also the most vetted.”

Google created “Google Preferred to surface YouTube’s most engaging channels and to help Google’s customers easily reach our most passionate audiences. Moving forward, the channels included in Google Preferred will be manually curated and ads will only run on videos that have been verified to meet our ad-friendly guidelines.”

“We expect to complete manual reviews of Google Preferred channels and videos by mid-February in the U.S. and by the end of March in all other markets where Google Preferred is offered.”

Google Preferred aggregates YouTube’s top content into easy-to-buy packages for brand advertisers. Brands access the top 5% of content on YouTube and receive the measurement results they need to maximize the impact of their campaigns.