Digital ad spend in Turkey reached TRY 2,163 Billion with a growth rate of 15.5%

IAB Turkey revealed last week that display ad spend reached TRY 1,228 billion, growing 16% in 2017. Advertising based on Display/Click had the biggest share under Display category with TRY 879.7 million. Within the same category, Video ad spend having the highest growth rate of 50% reached to a value of TRY 269.5 million and native a value of TRY 78.6 million.

While the ad spend of Search was TRY 814.5 million in 2017, ‘Classified & Directories” increased to 103 million TL. E-mail marketing declined to TRY 5.1 million. On the other hand, In-game advertising reached TRY 13 million.

Out of 2,163 billion, TRY 1,093 billion including display, search, classified & directories, e-mail marketing, and in-game advertising was spent on mobile platforms. And the share of mobile platforms in social media ad spend was 76%. On the other hand, Programmatic experienced another double-digit growth year and hit TRY 1,411 billion.