Google My Business allows businesses to publish content directly in Google Maps and in Google Search

In 2017, Google released Google Posts, a feature of Google My Business (GMB) platform. The posts can contain an image, a text (up to 300 words), an event, and users can use call-to-action buttons including “Book” “Order Online” “Buy” “Learn More” “Sign up” or “Get offer”.

Posts are shown for 7 days on Google Maps and on Google Search, and associated with a Google My Business location . Above an example with PPC Land. Business can have access the number of views and engagement actions on each post.

Google suggests posts for events, such as a jazz brunch or an in-store session, for offers, such as sales and discounts, for product updates, such as new merchandise, or announcements, such as “Open late this Saturday” or “Special guests this week!”.

The photos need to have a minimum resolution of 720px wide by 540px tall, in JPG or PNG format.

Bring automation to Posts on Google My Business

Developers can build programs around GMB API, and there is already a WordPress plugin called Post to Google My Business, (here the paid version) where users can create new posts on Google My Business via WordPress, schedule posts, and integrate Google Analytics tracking. This is the kind of product the API allows to build and for free, as there aren’t costs associated with GMB API.

Google My Business is now ready to scale making itself available to agencies and bigger organizations:

Google My Business now available for Agencies

Yesterday, Google announced an update to Google My Business. GMB will allow agencies to manage Google My Business listings. A Single Organization Accounts on Google My Business will be able to manage all locations — no longer limited to 100 locations; User Groups will be able to manage internal teams and control access to locations; There will be improved search functionality enabling users to efficiently search for locations within an account and across location groups; and Google will create easier workflows to send and receive invitations to manage listings.