IAS has available in-app pre-bid segments for viewability, brand safety, and fraud-free since yesterday

Integral Ad Science (IAS) yesterday announced the availability of in-app pre-bid segments that allow programmatic buyers to target mobile in-app inventory that “is brand safe, fraud-free, and expected to meet a given viewability goal.”

According to IAS, the mobile in-app pre-bid segments allow traders to define the content categories they need to be protected against based on customized risk thresholds, and then only target the apps that meet those brand safety expectations. Additionally, with ad fraud prevention and viewability targeting, traders can ensure bids are not wasted on fraud, and find the apps that will meet or exceed their viewability goals.

The Trade Desk, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Oath, Viant’s Adelphic, AppNexus, and MediaMath are integrated with IAS’s targeting data. Additionally, IAS provides real-time reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness and also identify areas of additional optimization.

“Programmatic offers advertisers powerful opportunities to make the most of their digital dollars and, for many years, buyers have been able to easily optimize those opportunities across web-based campaigns with IAS data,” said David Hahn, CSO of Integral Ad Science. “Now, by offering mobile in-app segments to our customers, we’ve extended that flexibility and control to drive more of their automated buys, and keep up with the momentum in the marketplace towards in-app advertising.”