JCDecaux launches a Global Programmatic DOOH Airport Advertising Offer

JCDecaux launches a Global Programmatic DOOH Airport Advertising Offer
DOOH in an Airport

JCDecaux yesterday announced the launch of the first global programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) offer for airports. This new solution allows brands and agencies to run targeted, dynamic, and contextualized advertising campaigns across JCDecaux's network of programmatic-enabled airports.

The offering provides access to over 70 million monthly passengers and 2 billion impressions across more than 3,000 JCDecaux screens in major airports worldwide, including 15 of the busiest ones.

This includes airports in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, London Heathrow, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Paris-Orly, Milan-Malpensa, Brussels, Milan-Linate, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and Macau.

Developed by JCDecaux's International Programmatic Council, the solution offers advertisers:

  • Global brand exposure: Reach highly sought-after audiences in premium airport environments.
  • Transparency and safety: Guaranteed campaign delivery in a secure environment.
  • Targeted reach: Engage with target audiences at key touchpoints throughout their airport journey.
  • Flexibility and impact: Access to innovative technology for more impactful campaigns.

JCDecaux plans to introduce new features in the coming months, such as airport data targeting, to further enhance the offering and provide advertisers with even more powerful tools.


DOOH stands for Digital Out-of-Home (advertising). This refers to advertisements displayed on digital screens in public spaces such as billboards, bus stops, subway stations, and even grocery stores. These screens offer several advantages over traditional static advertising, such as the ability to display dynamic content, target specific audiences, and track campaign performance.

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