RTB House launches Social Banners, House Snippets, and Full-page Recommendations

RTB House this week announced it will begin the alpha testing phase of 3 new features. The new features will be tested by selected brands from RTB House global customer base starting in Q1 2019. The company plans to roll out three innovations to its customer base next year. RTB House says it currently serves more than 1,500 clients in nearly 70 countries including Adidas, Hotels.com, New Balance, Trivago, Sephora and Walmart.com.

Gary Burtka
Gary Burtka, VP of U.S. operations at RTB House

“We prioritized the development and launch of these first three innovations from our new AI Marketing Lab based on customer feedback about what they need the most. First and foremost, the brands we work with want to present ads that are personalized and interesting to consumers. They’re also seeking to provide dynamic, high-quality creative that entices shoppers to click on the ads for more information and to use the best-performing ones across more marketing channels. I am sure that the projects developed at our AI Marketing Lab will not only increase the efficiency of our retargeting technology, but be at the forefront of ad industry innovation and what’s next for ad-tech.”
Gary Burtka, VP of U.S. operations at RTB House

The 3 features in alpha testing

RTB House’s new Social Banners

According to RTB House, the new Social Banners will improve the user experience and recommendation mechanism by giving online shoppers more control of personalized offers that are custom-built for them. Using gamification features, they let consumers vote on what products they like, or dislike, most.

Based on consumers’ opt-in feedback, more similar products they indicate liking will be presented to them in the future. The ones they dislike won’t be presented. This type of interactive functionality has proven to be popular across social media, online games and web services such as Pandora.

The collective user input from social banners will be considered more generally by the AI engine to refine the overall user experience and recommendation mechanism which will boost personalization and performance.

RTB House Snippets

With RTB House Snippets, clients will be able to use RTB House insights to make creatives more effective and ensure the ads align with a client’s brand book. Snippets can also be used for dynamic creatives, which have proven to be difficult for the ad industry to deliver in past.

RTB House clients can download the creative codes for particular formats, insert any needed meta tags and use the creatives in any online advertising campaign across various online channels.

With its five years of experience in conducting retargeting campaigns, RTB House has developed dynamic creations. RTB House says this feature is frequently requested by customers.

RTB House’s new Full-page Recommendations

According to RTB House the new Full-page Recommendations will provide a suite of products that are selected specifically for individual shoppers based on their past behaviors and online preferences.

Users will have an opportunity to see more of the recommended products on a dedicated subpage, before being redirected straight to a product page. As opposed to other platforms that provide shoppers more generic product offers, these customized, full-page recommendations are much more likely to be viewed and interacted with because the experience is much like having a personal shopper select and present customers with product choices tailored just for them.

There also are opportunities to provide real-time, dynamic promotions and other special offers to shoppers within these personalized splash pages to entice shoppers to click on products for more information.

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