SKAdNetwork takes root on Reddit: deeper post-install insights for app install campaigns

SKAdNetwork takes root on Reddit: deeper post-install insights for app install campaigns
SKAN conversion reporting in Reddit Ads Manager

Reddit yesterday announced an update for app install advertisers on its advertising platform, Reddit Ads Manager. This update introduces SKAdNetwork (SKAN) conversion reporting, allowing marketers to gain deeper post-install insights into their iOS app campaigns.

SKAdNetwork is a privacy-focused attribution framework developed by Apple specifically for iOS devices. It allows app developers to measure app install conversions while adhering to user privacy regulations introduced with iOS 14.5 and later versions.

Previously, app install advertisers on Reddit could only track basic install events through SKAN. This update expands those capabilities to encompass a wider range of post-install conversion events, such as in-app purchases, account registrations, or level completions within the app.

Benefits for app install advertisers

The inclusion of SKAN conversion reporting in Reddit Ads Manager offers several advantages for app install advertisers:

Consolidated Reporting: Marketers can now access both install and post-install conversion data within a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between Reddit Ads Manager and their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) dashboards. This streamlined view allows for more efficient campaign monitoring and optimization.

Deeper User Journey Insights: By tracking post-install conversion events, advertisers gain a clearer understanding of user behavior beyond the initial app download. This data can be crucial for optimizing app features, user onboarding experiences, and in-app monetization strategies.

Informed Budget Allocation: With a comprehensive picture of user engagement within the app, advertisers can make more informed decisions about budget allocation across different campaign segments. Resources can be directed towards user acquisition efforts that demonstrably lead to valuable post-install actions.

Implementation considerations

While SKAN conversion reporting on Reddit Ads Manager represents a positive development for app install campaigns, there are a few points to consider:

Mapping SKAN Conversion Values: To leverage SKAN conversion reporting, advertisers need to map their SKAN conversion values to conversion events supported by Reddit. This mapping process typically occurs within their MMP portal.

"Unknown" Events: The update introduces a new "Unknown" metric that captures SKAN conversion values not mapped to a supported Reddit event type. Marketers should strive to minimize "Unknown" events by ensuring proper mapping within their MMPs.

MMP Compatibility: It's crucial to confirm compatibility between your MMP and Reddit's SKAN conversion reporting functionalities.

The future of SKAN on Reddit Ads

The introduction of SKAN conversion reporting signals Reddit's commitment to providing app install advertisers with robust and privacy-compliant campaign measurement tools. As user privacy regulations continue to evolve, SKAN is likely to play an increasingly important role in mobile app marketing.

Impact on Marketing Strategies

This update empowers app install advertisers on Reddit to develop more data-driven marketing strategies. By leveraging SKAN conversion reporting, marketers can optimize their campaigns for not just app downloads, but also for the specific post-install actions that drive user engagement and app success. This shift towards a more holistic view of user journeys within the app environment will likely become a cornerstone of successful mobile app marketing strategies in the coming years.

It will be interesting to see how Reddit further integrates SKAN functionalities and expands its suite of post-install conversion event tracking capabilities. Additionally, the impact of SKAN adoption on user privacy and its effectiveness in a dynamic mobile advertising landscape will be areas to watch in the future.

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