The Guardian selects OpenX as primary provider of programmatic direct solutions

The Guardian, a global news site that generates more than 150 million unique browsers worldwide per month, one of the top 100 websites on programmatic, will now leverage the OpenX Ad Exchange to further monetise their inventory across both desktop and mobile platforms globally. According to OpenX, they “will serve as the primary provider of programmatic direct solutions for the Guardian, including private marketplaces (PMPs) that offer buyers access to the Guardian’s premium inventory.”

Jason Fairchild, co-founder and chief revenue officer at OpenX, said, “We are excited to be working with one of the world’s top online publishers, and look forward to providing an open and trusting relationship with the Guardian. We have had extensive conversations with the Guardian to understand their programmatic aspirations and concerns and we share their deep commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on our transparency and open lines of communication with both the publishers and the advertisers we work with and we have full confidence this partnership will yield significant outcomes.”

Daniel Spears, programmatic director at Guardian News & Media, said, “We’re happy to be working with OpenX as part of our overall programmatic strategy to help the best range of media buyers gain access to our premium inventory. We are confident that OpenX will deliver incremental value to both the Guardian and our media partners.”