Top 10 websites about bitcoin and blockchain

With so many Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) happening, advertising related to Bitcoin is surging. Publishers related with bitcoin and blockchain are also seeing a booming number of visits. The questions are: What are the best websites to advertise new coin offers? And what are the best sites to discover interested users in bitcoin?

Bitcoin on Google Trends
Bitcoin on Google Trends (last 5 years)

The top 4 websites about blockchain coins

First, we have a top 4 websites specifically related to coins. Later you can find a top 10 websites with unique users reading about bitcoin. Here the top 4:


On CoinMarketCap, readers are able to find the cryptocurrency market capitalization, the cryptocurrencies, the markets, the market cap, volume, and bitcoin dominance. A lot of btc charts. And a top of the market cap bitcoins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Litecoin, NEM, Stellar, IOTA and EOS.


CoinMill is a currency converter where users can convert bitcoin in dollars or euros or in other coins. The perfect site to get the today bitcoin price. bitcoin usd / bitcoin eur, etc.


CoinDesk is a media news website about digital assets and blockchain technology. Daily news about bitcoin btc.

Reddit Bitcoin

Subreddit Bitcoin is a community about the “currency of the internet”.

Top 10 websites about Bitcoin

Here the top 10 websites with the keyword Bitcoin:


These are generic websites with the most number of users reading about bitcoin.

Do you advertise on more websites? Share with us in the comments.