VIOOH to measure and monitor its carbon emissions over time

VIOOH to measure and monitor its carbon emissions over time

VIOOH today announced a partnership with the Carbon Intelligence Platform, Cedara, a supporter of Ad Net Zero. VIOOH has publicly shared its carbon emission intensity per ad impression for 2022, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Based on Cedara’s analysis, VIOOH generated 0.28 grams CO2e per ad impression in 2022, lower than the programmatic open web benchmark of 0.34.

As a comparison with other media channels, a March 2023 KPMG study in France of Energy Performance^1 estimated that the energy consumption of DOOH was 0.32 gCO2e, compared with a range of between 0.55-0.66 gCO2e for digital internet media, based on a calculation per audience impression.

VIOOH’s partnership with Cedara underscores the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and transparent accountability in its sustainability efforts. Cedara’s expertise in carbon intelligence will enable VIOOH to measure and monitor its carbon emissions over time, allowing for targeted initiatives to further reduce its environmental impact.

“We have been impressed with VIOOH’s desire to understand the impact of prDOOH and their commitment to sustainability and transparent accountability. Through proactive measures, like those adopted by VIOOH, we can all contribute to a sustainable future. It is crucial for businesses around the world to adopt regenerative corporate policies to turn the tide in our fight against the climate crisis,” said Eric Shih, Chief Operating Officer at Cedara.

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