Webinar about personification and how to keep a conversation with the customer

Adobe and Merkle promoted on 4th August a webinar about Delivering Personalized Marketing Campaigns. On the webinar (presentation on pdf here) was Zimm Zimmerman, Vice President of Personalization in Merkle and Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager in Adobe.

The agenda of the online webinar answered to these 3 questions:

  • Is your company aligned across teams to support the customer’s journey?
  • Does your company have a solid data foundation that unifies the customer data across channels?
  • Do you have the tools to send the best offer to your audience once you have this valuable data?

The video webinar is available here and is about the world of interactions built by Marketers. Zimm said that today companies need to evolve from campaign management to interaction management, where every interaction need to be understandable and the conversation needs to adapt to each response or to each non response. Example: when the user don´t click in a banner.

Marketers need to see now the larger picture and not only by channel (SEM, Display, Email Marketing, etc), where each channel has their objectives and they don´t share goals.