Adform launches DCO with dynamic ads connected to the adserver, dsp and dmp

Adform today introduce a new resource in their ad stack: dynamic ads. Adform says that dynamic ads have “the power of advanced automation capabilities with an intuitive interface that unfetters advertisers for user-centric messaging that doesn’t require more work.”

With dynamic ads, advertisers can do personalization combined with automated processes like A/B testing. Advertisers have now the “ability to optimize creative variations for impact and efficacy.”

Adform uses an always-on optimization based on Bayesian Statistics that give advertisers a way to test for impact across multiple variations simultaneously. Adform says “this is done while drawing upon multiple variations in concert with inputs from the DMP or a wide range of other data signals.”

Advertisers can also combine creatives with data: time-based data, behavioral messaging, geo data, demographic data, and CRM based data high impact messaging.

Adform Dynamic Ads is offered as part of the Adform Ad Server. This means that existing Ad Server clients automatically gain full access to Dynamic Ad capabilities. Pricing is handled in line with the standard ad serving CPM pricing.

With Adform dynamic ads advertisers can:

  • Leverage first-party data for enhanced storytelling;
  • Rapidly build and deploy complex creatives;
  • Scale your brand identity easily while maintaining cohesive branding;
  • A/B test to refine messaging and enhance your message;
  • Learn from performance data automatically to optimize for highest impact;
  • Reduce mistakes through automation;
  • Campaigns built using Dynamic Ads help you conquer ad wastage while fostering enhanced goodwill through increased ad relevance.

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