Adscend Media Adds New Revenue-Generating Features to Leading App and Website Monetization Solution

Adscend Media announced today the addition of new enhancements to their Offer Wall monetization solution for apps and websites, including the launch of exclusive video-based ad formats EngageMe.TV and Rewarded Video for Offer Wall. These enhancements are expected to help publishers further increase retention, engagement, and daily revenue. Adscend’s Offer Wall produces one of the highest eCPM rates for a rewards-based advertising solution, reaching up to $90.

Adscend’s Offer Wall monetizes the high percentage of users who won’t make an in-app purchase or purchase from a website. Users visiting an app or website utilizing Adscend’s Offer Wall can complete quick offers to receive various amounts of credits. Users can redeem credits for desired rewards from the app or website, such as obtaining a weapons upgrade from a mobile game, or receiving a gift card from a rewards website.

Adscend’s Offer Wall features multiple offer types, including app downloads, surveys, and sweepstakes, to provide a better user experience. However, Adscend will now provide two exclusive, video-based offer formats: EngageMe.TV and Rewarded Video for Offer Wall.

EngageMe.TV users earn rewards by watching cooking demos, movie reviews, and other short videos. For each video watched by users, the Offer Wall publisher generates revenue. According to Adscend CEO Fehzan Ali, EngageMe.TV will be a significant daily revenue source for Adscend publishers.

“EngageMe.TV videos are an entertaining and quick way to earn rewards. Users can watch as many videos as they would like daily, creating an easy revenue stream for our publishers,” stated Ali.

Rewarded Video for Offer Wall lets mobile users inside an Adscend Offer Wall watch short app trailers in order to earn rewards from an Adscend publisher website or app. After viewing a trailer, users can download the app, or simply proceed to earn their reward. Adscend publishers generate revenue for every video their users watch, regardless of whether a download occurs. Adscend pays publishers for app trailer views on an offer wall, an exclusive practice that Ali believes creates a monetization model that helps boost daily revenue and retention.

“Our data shows users love watching videos to earn rewards because it’s easy, and they’re passionate about apps. We’ve combined those factors to create an offer type users will engage with daily, while creating an easy revenue stream for our publishers,” said Ali.

Another enhancement to Adscend’s Offer Wall is the addition of incentivized Market Research Survey Profiles. Adscend Offer Wall users are now rewarded free credits by Adscend to register to receive market research surveys based on their interests, beliefs, and demographic makeup. Market research surveys feature higher payouts than traditional offer wall surveys, averaging $2.50 per completion. Ali believes Adscend’s willingness to reward users to receive market research surveys puts their publishers in an ideal position to increase their earnings.

“Market research surveys are tailored to user psychographics, increasing the chances of survey completion by relating to each individual user. This connection yields higher-quality data, thus enabling payouts as high as $30 to publishers. By rewarding users for market research survey registration, we’re basically funneling users to our strongest offers,” added Ali.

The final addition to Adscend’s Offer Wall will help publishers create a better user experience. Publishers can now customize their Offer Wall colors and background image.

Ali believes the new Offer Wall enhancements are examples of how Adscend consistently strives to provide value to users, advertising partners, and publishers.

“We’re creating unprecedented rewarding ad experiences through constant innovation. By providing users with a growing number of engagement options that provide strong ROI to advertisers, easy rewards to users, and easy revenue to publishers, we continue to set ourselves apart as industry leaders,” added Ali.