Adwords rolls out Promotion Extensions

Google announced yesterday the global roll out of Promotion Extensions, that “make it easy for advertisers to keep the promotions up to date without the need to create new ads. They also free up the rest of the ad for more unique content, like the brand terms or a clear call to action.”

An example: if you have a shoe store: “you might use promotion extensions to show a “30% off” promo code on all Black Friday orders. You can also make these types of seasonal offers more prominent in your ad by selecting one of 12 occasions, like Black Friday or Back-to-school.”

The occasions for promotions and dates are:
New Year’s: Dec 1 to Feb 28
Valentine’s Day: Jan 15 to Feb 28
Easter: Mar 1 to April 30
Mother’s Day: Mar 15 to June 15
Father’s Day: May 15 to June 30
Labor Day: Aug 15 to Sep 15
Back-to-school: Jun 1 to Feb 1
Halloween: Oct 1 to Nov 15
Black Friday: Oct 15 to Dec 15
Cyber Monday: Oct 15 to Dec 15
Christmas: Nov 1 to Jan 15
Boxing Day: Nov 1 to Jan 15

Promotion extensions are free to add and Adwords customers are only charged for clicks on the ad. Promotion extensions can show your offers in various formats—mobile and desktop—on the Search Network. They appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results.